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i hate when people blame their sadness and loneliness on their “friends”. like obviously you deserve better friends then, but the real sad part is that you’re the only one who can make that decision to no longer let bad people be apart of your life. and the even sadder part is if you let it continue to happen. sometimes you need to be your own hero even if it’s hard and puts you out of your comfort zone. but in the end it’ll be worth it. 

i also feel like people are afraid to hold themselves to a higher standard and there’s absolutely no reason that you should feel like you can’t. be picky about your friends. don’t settle for a lame boyfriend or girlfriend. find those people who make you tick and who you can run to. do it for you and only you. be a little selfish. hell, be a lot selfish. because it’s your life and there’s no one who can be accountable for it except you. 

so with the arrival of this new year, i just want to say to all of my followers and everyone else out there; you are all worth a lot more than you think you are. yeah people are saying that this may be the cockiest generation of young adults in a while. so what? if you think you can make a change, whether it’s big or small, for self gain or not, who cares? just go out there and you do it! everyone please have a phenomenal new year. 

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▫️feelin icy today▫️

fyi i dont use this blog anymore bc i hate everyone irl <33333333

i don’t like knowing about people’s personal lives if i know them in real life because it’s uncomfortable ok byeeeeee

thanks to @ciarabelle for making my hair extra voluminous today 😘😁

The Neighbourhood
Say My Name/Cry Me A River

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the grand canyon’s south rim, photographed by rolf maeder using a twenty five second exposure and, for the first two pictures, a flashlight to illuminate the foreground.

“No one’s that stupid.”

— Before working in retail/customer service/food industry (via notarealbarista)


Goonies - 1985

goonies never say die.